Catalogue printing

The primary and complete medium of information about company products is a catalogue. This publication has multiple applications, sometimes it can be used continuously. Therefore, printing catalogues should involve highest quality, enhancing professionalism of the publisher. It should also have a durable composition, so that the glued or stitched catalogues look very well also during intensive use.

A wide range of possible formats, paper bulkiness, types of covers and forms of upgrading offers great creative potential.

The most common formats and densities in catalogue printing

A4 (210×297 mm) vertical and horizontal layout square (210×210 mm)
B5 (162×235 mm) vertical and horizontal layout
DL (99×210 mm) vertical and horizontal layout
A6 (105×148 mm) vertical layout

Matte/ gloss chalk
80, 90, 115, 130, 170, 250, 300, 350g
80, 90, 120, 190, 250

Printing catalogues already from one copy!

Our printing house makes it possible to print even one copy of a catalogue. Specify your order and we will choose the best form of print.

If you need a smaller edition – choose digital printing

In case of larger editions offset printing would be a better choice

Send us your contact details and we will help you choose the best option.


Types of covers for catalogues and brochures

Different types of covers are used depending on the kind of publication and its purpose.
Brochures of volumes up to 48 pages usually have soft stitched or spiral covers.
Larger volumes are usually glued or sewn-glued, whereas the cover density is up to 350 g or hard covers are used.

When printing catalogues of volumes of more than 48 pages, the majority of covers are glued by PUR adhesive.

In the case of brochures of smaller volumes soft covers are usually applied bound by means of flat or loop staples, they can be also sewn-glued or sewn with threads.

It is also possible to make catalogue covers using coil binding.

Additional forms of upgrading are available when printing catalogues

  • additional matte foil
  • glossy foil
  • soft touch foil
  • spot-selective UV varnish
  • Iriodin varnish