Flyer printing

One of the most popular printing services is printing flyers.

The speed of project preparation and printing as well as a relatively low cost still make it a popular advertising medium. Owing to the wide range of available formats, paper densities, types of folding and additional forms of upgrading, flyer printing provides excellent creative opportunities.

Types of paper used in flyer printing

Our printing house has no limitations in flyer formats or shapes.

Matte/ gloss chalk
80, 90, 115, 130, 170, 250, 300, 350g
80, 90, 120, 190, 250

Printing catalogues already from one copy!

Our printing house makes it possible to print even one copy of a flyer. Specify your order and we will choose the best form of print.

If you need a smaller edition – choose digital printing

In case of larger editions offset printing would be a better choice

Send us your contact details and we will help you choose the best option.


Flyer printing and types of folding

standard flyer (unfolded)


flyer folded in half


flyer folded into 3 parts – C


zig-zag folded flyer


flyer folded into 4 parts


perforated flyer


Additional forms of upgrading are available when printing flyer

  • additional matte foil
  • glossy foil
  • soft touch foil
  • spot-selective UV varnish
  • Iriodin varnish