Poster printing

Communicating an event, action, promotion and other activities often means using posters. The most common are single-sided wall posters but double-sided posters are also used, for example, in shop windows.

Posters need to be attractive, aesthetically pleasing and durable. To meet these requirements, printing should be as good as the graphic design. Poster printing provides numerous possibilities in terms of available formats and paper densities. However, poster printing also means various types of upgrading, foils, spot-selective varnishes, kinds of strip framing and others.

The most common formats and densities in poster printing

A3 (297×420 mm)
A2 (420×594 mm)
A1 (841×594 mm)
B3 (336×480 mm)
B2 (480×680 mm)
B1 (680×980 mm)

Matte/gloss chalk
135, 170, 250, 350 g/m²

Printing posters already from one copy!

Our printing house makes it possible to print even one copy of a poster. Specify your order and we will choose the best form of print.

If you need a smaller edition – choose digital printing

In case of larger editions offset printing would be a better choice

Send us your contact details and we will help you choose the best option.


Additional forms of upgrading available when printing posters

  • strip framing of posters
  • additional matte foil
  • glossy foil
  • soft touch foil
  • spot-selective UV varnish
  • Iriodin varnish